Saturday, August 22, 2009

Photographing "The Horse"

I have found that Photographing a Horse is very difficult and I'm a work in progress!

I must say my Model Horse named Jade was a trooper this morning! She hung around and let me take tons of silly pictures of her....

She was even falling asleep at one point. I was shocked that she didn't run off with her friends in the pasture...she just stood there for me. You could see as if she could talk she would have said "Are you done yet?" Of course nothing stopping her from running away she was either really tired from the workout I gave her or I have one awesome horse!

I came away from trying to take some good images of Jade thinking I must be missing something and I had a few questions of how I take a better image of a horse? I turned on the computer and there on facebook were tips of how to take better images of Horses! I've figured a few out that I can't wait to go try tomorrow afternoon. So more Horse pictures to come...

I must say I love this pretty lady! She has become a family member that everyone loves to ride and give treats too...and she loves us because of all the attention and treats we give to her! We couldn't have asked for a better horse to love!